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I’m a Sydney-based strategic designer, futures researcher and UX/digital producer with a background in futures, design, strategic foresight, environmental education and science communication.

I’m a Senior Associate at Little Owl, an ethical tech consultancy, design studio and miniature startup incubator. I’m also the Founder of Reframeable, which works at the intersection of human-centred design, foresight/futures and systems thinking to help organisations shape the futures they want, by design. Most recently, I was the Futures Research Analyst in the Futures team at Aurecon.

Since July 2019, I’ve been a Casual Academic/Sessional Lecturer/Tutor and Mentor within several foresight and futures-focused subjects – including Envisioning Futures, Making Futures and Past, Present, Future of Innovation – within the TD (Transdisciplinary) School at UTS.

I have recently embarked on an exciting collaboration with Claire Marshall of IfLabs, working on the next stage of the Museum of Futures. This includes a recently commissioned City of Sydney funded exhibition entitled Museum of Futures: Pandemic Pivots. I was part of the MoF team that co-designed and co-delivered Futures Worth Wanting, a workshop in responsible innovation and futures prototyping for the 2020 Sydney Festival.

I previously held several roles at The Interaction Consortium: Head of Insights & Futures Research, and Head of Client Experience. Prior to that I was a Content Strategist in the Experience Design team at Telstra Digital in Sydney.

Previous to that I was based in London for 11 years, where I held various production/editorial roles (Chief Subeditor, Managing Subeditor and Production Editor) for more than 9 years for the print, online and app editions of Energy Risk magazine.

During my time in London I also worked at The Guardian and the Financial Services Authority, as well as being a freelancer for a range of clients, including New Scientist, The Sunday Times, Metro.co.uk, Tabb Group and Dialogue By Design.

I’ve been involved in a wide range of freelance projects, including website creation, content strategy, information architecture and content management, design, user research, subediting and proofreading (see Reframeable’s website for my recent work).

Clients/freelance gigs include: Lacima Group, New Scientist (articles: see here and here), The Sunday Times, King’s College London, Foresight International, Shaping Tomorrow, World Futures Studies Federation (WFSF) and Joanna Maxwell.

My qualifications include postgraduate studies in strategic foresight (Swinburne University of Technology) and science communication (Australian National University), an honours degree in environmental science (University of New South Wales) and training in design/electronic publishing (Sydney Technical College).

I recently graduated with a Master of Strategic Foresight at Swinburne University of Technology, and was awarded the prize for the highest achieving graduate in the Master of Strategic Foresight granted in 2018.

I’ve also recently undertaken the following UX/experience design-related training:
Persuasive Design course: Catherine Ryan/IxDA (Sydney, 2016);
Psychology of UX course: Erin Turner/IxDA (Sydney, 2016);
UX Bootcamp: Academy Xi (Sydney, 2016);
Problem Space Research training: Indi Young/IxDA (Sydney, 2016);
CSForum: content strategy conference/workshop (Melbourne, 2016);
Guardian Masterclass on data visualisation/infographics (London, 2014)

I’m a member of the WFSF and a graduate member of the Association of Professional Futurists.

Futures/strategic foresight, human-centred design, transition design and organisational design are of great interest to me and are the areas I’m re-engaging with this year.

The project management and community consultation work I have done for a range of environmental education projects in Australia was a real inspiration and is something I’m proud of.

It’s great to be involved in shaping futures, especially within the context of an organisation or community where everyone involved is actively engaged and shares a stake in the process.

I am passionate about sustainability, resilience and accessibility, and am fascinated by how we can use design thinking, foresight, intention, mindfulness, shared/co-created purpose and  ‘learning organisations’ to most effectively tackle wicked problems such as the environmental and energy challenges ahead. We’re at an unprecedented crossroads. I am committed to being part of the process of fostering resilience and designing sustainable and equitable futures.

Foresight, facilitation and effective change design are key competencies that we need to build, as individuals and as a society. It’s to these areas that I’m currently focusing after the completion of my Master of Strategic Foresight.

I also love collaging (I’ve dotted some of my collages throughout this site), singing in choirs and building inconceivable cubby houses with my seven year old…

I’m keen to hear from you if you’re interested in collaborating on projects involving futures/strategic foresight, UX/experience design, change/process design, facilitation or sustainability/resilience… do feel free to get in contact or connect on LinkedIn.